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Ways to Induce Labor Naturally – Advice For Expectant Parents


How to jump start labor is a question many women want to know the answer to. If you are already full term and are awaiting that first contraction that signals you’re on the road to delivery, you likely have been telling yourself to be patient. That’s incredibly hard to do when you are anticipating one of the most important events of your life. If you are near your due date or it has already passed there are actually ways to induce labor naturally that might get you in the delivery room sooner rather than later.

Cumin tea is one of the ways to induce labor naturally that is commonly used in many countries around the world. Cumin is spicy and it fits into the idea that spicy foods bring on contractions. If you want to brew a cup of this strong tea just add a tablespoon of cumin seed to boiling water. Let it steep a few minutes and then add a bit of sugar or honey to help take the edge off the cumin. Drink this several times throughout the day. It can cause indigestion though so be certain not to drink two cups too close together.

Pineapple may be one of the answers to the question of how to jump start labor. This seems a little far fetched but there are many new moms who will tell you this is one of the ways to start contractions. Many tropical fruits can be substituted for the pineapple though, including kiwi, mango and papaya. The natural enzymes found in this fruit are believed to stimulate the uterus so contractions begin. It’s a delicious way to try to push your body into labor. It’s worth visiting the grocery store and making yourself a tropical fruit salad.

Castor oil is one of those ways to induce labor naturally that pregnant women turn their noses at. It’s no secret that castor oil is not pleasant, but many women believe it’s what started their labor. If you do decide to take this approach you’ll need to add the oil to something to ingest it. Some suggestions include fruit juice or adding it to vinaigrette dressing and then eating it on a salad. Be forewarned that castor oil does cause stomach issues and you may find yourself battling diarrhea. This isn’t something a very pregnant woman wants to deal with so weigh the negative against the positive when it comes to castor oil to jump start labor.


Source by Gillian Reynolds