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Unique Ways to Distribute Your Business Cards


Business cards are necessary for anyone that has their own business. Much of your success can come from networking and business cards are part of that. The first step is to design effective, memorable and effective cards using a professional service. Think outside-the-box for optimal results. The next step is to hand out your business cards and create a network of business contacts.

Don’t stop there. Come up with some unique ways to distribute your biz cards so as to get maximum exposure. Always carry a stack of business cards with you to hand out and to distribute if the right opportunity presents itself. There is no way to know when someone may need your services and they just so happen to come across your card. Read on for some unique ways to distribute.


When dining out at a nice restaurant, consider leaving one of your biz cards on the table after you finish eating. Another way to do it is to put a card in with the cash when paying your bill. If you have become friendly with staff at a specific restaurant, hand out your cards to them.


Even if you aren’t doing direct marketing, there is no reason why you can’t put at least one of your cards in virtually anything that you send to clients or potential clients. The only time that you should avoid doing so is when sending out greeting or holiday cards. Put business cards in with any bills that you pay.

Car Windows

While most people think of putting flyers or brochures in car windows or underneath window wipers, there is no reason that you can’t put business cards there. Another idea is to attach the business card to a brochure or flyer and place them underneath the windshield wipers. Your contact information is on the flyer but a card allows them to carry it with them or hand out to someone else.

Local Businesses

A unique way to distribute your cards is to make a deal with businesses in your area. Ask them if they will allow you to put your cards in their store or business. In return, offer to perform a service for them or allow them to do the same with their promotional materials. This type of networking can pay off well.

Bulletin Boards

Make it a goal to put your biz cards on every bulletin board in your city and in nearby cities. This means to put them on bulletin boards in local libraries, coffee shops, grocery stores and community centers. Research the possibilities and begin distributing your business cards. Always ask permission if you’re unsure if it’s allowed.


Source by Walter A Warner