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Attention Deficit And Hyperactive Disorder

Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder is a condition that affects the memory, causes forgetfulness, restlessness among other problems. This disorder also makes one not able to focus and become distracted by small things and also not well organized among other things. Answers given to some specific questions can be used to suggest whether one has the disorder or not. It is important to get diagnosed so that you understand what this disorder is all about and get aid in living with it. People having it and without knowing face difficulties in their daily lives and this can be avoided if one knows if they have the disorder. A doctor can better assess a person for the disorder and this makes it good to seek a doctor’s help even after taking the questions.

Patients with a tendency to do things in a rush or making small errors by not paying full attention can answer with a yes to the first question. Distraction is checked by things like finding it hard to finish a complex task or getting involved in different tasks simultaneously. If you can not listen attentively but rather get carried away by other thought and even do not remember what you were just told indicates poor listening. Some situations like being poor at following fixed routines and plans are ways of suggesting a problem with instruction following.

The other question asks about how organized one is both at work and at home or whether one finds a hard time deciding where to start. There are people who get discouraged and lose forces when presented with assignments that demand if prolonged attention or focus. Some people find it hard to focus for long but sometimes they can become hyper-attentive on the same when they are interested.

Another question checks for the ability to remember locations of a thing that one had chosen to keep the specific thing. The next question asks about how easily one is distracted by things around them such as noise and things happening near them. The question also enquires whether a person finds themselves daydreaming and having many thoughts without control. The last question is about forgetting and one states whether they find themselves not remembering what they were going to do somewhere. Cases of buying things you do not need and not good at remembering names, dates and other appointments are enquired. These questions are answered with a yes or no depending on whether the person finds themselves in any of the situations given.

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