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Top Ways to Treat the Alzheimer’s Disease

While it is known that once you develop Alzheimer’s it cannot be stopped or reversed, you will learn that it has a treatment. There have been recent breakthroughs to inhibit the rapid development of this Alzheimer’s disease. This is purposed to ensure that the brains of the affected functions better and for longer. This disease often causes the death of the brain cells. You will witness that we have a couple of treatment approaches that have been embraced so far. You will find out more about this as you go on reading.

You will learn that there is passive immunotherapy that is purposed to stop the production of beta-amyloid. This is a substance that is appreciated for circulating in the blood as well as cerebrospinal fluid. This mode of treatment is still being improved. It will barely be hard for the accumulation of beta-amyloids to be blocked on these brain cells. You need to keep in mind that scientists are working on a drug that will make sure that such amyloids do not pile up. There will also be great value in considering the tau tangles as well. The internal structure will time and again be destroyed by this tau. Getting a drug that addresses this will certainly be a great breakthrough. You will witness that there are a couple of vaccines that are still beingtried.

The reliance on blood sugar has also been taken into account. You will witness that the brains of many affectd persons do not use blood sugar. This is what has resulted in the emergence of the drug known as the intranasal insulin. The purpose of this drug is to correct different metabolic defects. An increase in blood sugar will certainly make sure that the brain cells are barely damaged. Then there is the reduction of inflammation. Inflammation has been noted as one of the factors that result in brain cell death. You will find it valuable to get a drug that is characterized by anti-inflammatory properties. Protecting the brain from beta-amyloids that can cause harm to the cells will certainly be prudent. It is through this that the number of cells under attack from abnormal proteins will end up being lowered. Neuroprotective drugs will also come in handy.

Dietary supplements have also proven to be effective. You will actually find it worth going for food that features anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties will be essential. It is through these foods that the brain cells will barely be exposed to damage. Then comes the non-medical approaches to treat this AD. You can choose between behavioral management and ultrasound therapy. Behavioral management is pillared on brain therapy and physical activities. Ultrasound therapy is invasive since it involves brain stimulation.