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Remembering Loved Ones Who Passed Away in These Different Ways

Keeping the memory of a loved one who passed away is undoubtedly something very important to us. We can deal our grief and emotions when we lose a relative or a friend by directing our energy and efforts into doing something special that will uphold the memories.

One idea is to create a keepsake that is personal for yourself to remember your loved one and this is a beautiful idea. Examples of keeping your loved ones close to your heart and memory are planting a tree in honor of them so you have something to visit or take care of when you miss them, make toys or cushions out of their clothing, or have a jewelry made for you that will contain ashes of your loved one to keep him or her always in your heart or near you.

There must be a cause that your loved one was passionate about, and what you can do is to fundraise for it which will make them proud of you while at the same time you are doing good. Great ideas like getting the whole community involved such as rescue centers are ways to do something god while keeping their memories.

Keeping the memory of your loved alive forever can be done by establishing a tradition, and this is another great idea, that every member of the family and close friends can stick to every year. As simple as releasing balloons on their birthday or death anniversary, will make you all gather together and share memories and stories of the time spent with your loved one, while helping everybody overcome their grief.

Sharing the story of your loved one is another best way to make sure that his or her memories will never fade in the hearts and minds of families and friends. You can share their stories by telling stories about the time together spent, keeping photos around the home, setting up a charitable fund on their honor and name, or even dedicate a website to let people know how wonderful a person was your loved one, are just some of the ways to share their stories.

When you create a special place for your loved one will help keep his or her memories live forever, and at the same as simple as a place in the garden or a graveyard will help families heal the grief of loss.

Be reminded that you loved one would want you to be happy and to live your life to the fullest, and so you can do this honor for them.