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Important Info on “& Shirts”

Today, there are many things you can pick from the market is that using without actually knowing how they came about. This especially applies when it comes to customized products. Most of them have a great history you need to understand more about so that you can also enjoy putting them on. For example, very many people put on the “& Shirts” branded T-shirts but don’t know much about them. The “& Shirts” started back in the 2000s to be exact in there is a lot about them that you need to know right now. Discussed below are some more info on “& Shirts” and why they are a big deal.

Very many companies have come up with a claim to take the credit for this brand but only one claim is actually valid. One of the original companies based in Amsterdam designed these unique shirts back in 2001 known as Experimental Jetset. The idea came from a band known as The Beatles. The idea was a twist because they so that using the original name of the band was not unique because every other band was doing the same and therefore the came up with something unique. They still wanted to join the Beatles bandwagon and the only solution they could come up with was the & shirts. How the & came to be is that they used the first four names of the four members of the band by separating it with the & and that is how the name came to be. The designs were later signed off to the Japanese T-shirt company from the first production on one and that is why they are the very popular culture here. Why the & is always the big question, but there is a simple question why they Experimental Jetset designers settled on it. Most of the names for the four band members that were up for the branding, while very long and putting all of them on the T-shirt looked awkward for branding and that is why the designers settled on the & instead of the names. After today, the Experimental Jetset and The Beatles continue to work together for other unique designs. The Experimental Jetset did give up but also continued to make a lot of money through unique designs and he worked with very famous rock bands and members such as Ramones and the Rolling Stone. Today, you can easily create your design T-shirt using the & sign if you want to end things to this website that can provide you with such creativity.