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How to Go Into Labor Now – 5 Tips to Help You Bring on Labor Fast


You really need some tips so you can go into labor now. You are past your due date and your body is feeling the effects. You are carrying around a full term baby inside of you and it is wearing you thin. You want to be able to give birth already and to get pregnancy over with. You need some help.

You need some help so you can induce your own labor. You don’t want to go down the route of medical induction because it scares you. You wouldn’t want anything going awry and harming your unborn child. You would much rather bring on labor naturally and without any side effects.

You are going to learn 5 tips to induce your labor today. These tips will help you to jumpstart your labor so you can finally work towards giving birth sometime in the near future.

The first tip to go into labor now is to learn to relax. Relaxing your body and distressing your body is going to help you to give birth quickly. The best way to make this happen is to distract yourself. Try watching some funny movies as it will help to get you laughing and to take your mind off of the pregnancy. The more you relax, the more open your body becomes and the faster you are able to go into labor.

The second tip to induce your labor naturally is to have sex. Although this seems like the last thing you want to do, a quickie in the bedroom can really work wonders for you. Having sex relaxes your body and pulls the tension out of it. As well, if you have an orgasm, then this dilates your cervix and you want this to happen. People also believe that sperm is a natural induction tool and it can help to force your body into labor.

The third tip is to eat something spicy. Eating spicy foods can force your body into labor because it speeds up the natural processes of your body. Stock up on some spicy salsa or eat a whole jalapeno and this will definitely work wonders for you.

The fourth tip is classified as an old wives tale but it really works. If you want to go into labor now, then take a drive in a car on a bumpy road. If there is a gravel road next to your home or out in the country then take a drive. The bumps and shocks in the road will transfer into your body, causing your water to break. This is the first step to going into labor so you need to make it happen.

The final tip for inducing your own labor is to have positive thoughts. When you think positively, then the outcome is a positive one. Surrounding yourself with negative energy is a bad idea and you need to stop it. Think positively and you will be able to induce your own labor now.


Source by Liza Dupont