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How Safe is Vinegar As Natural Cleaner? Natural Cleaning Product Solutions


With the increasing awareness of the threat given by chemically-based antibacterial cleaners, people are looking for ways by which they can escape the perils given. Hence, the use of natural cleaner such as vinegar is becoming a hit among household. Yes, vinegar is almost natural given that it does not create any pollution to the environment and it is given in its natural form.

True enough, vinegar is safe for people but this does not cover the fact that it is purely acid. When combined with a pinch of baking soda, vinegar becomes an effective cleaner specially in getting rid of the burned surfaces of pots and pans. Truly, vinegar is amazing but there is a single problem though, and that is the fact that it does not create a harmonious effect to plants and when you try to combine it with baking soda, the two will create a gas that can somehow bring harm to a certain degree. So is it harmless? Not really.

However, the harm given by vinegar is not only felt by things and objects around us because even we ourselves can be harmed since it creates a change in the acid chemistry of the skin. And when it gets into the bloodstream, it can hurt your digestive tract though it can as well bring positive result in purifying your body. The moment when it hampers the normal function of the digestive system, it creates heartburn or that extremely uncomfortable scenario when you would feel as if something is pressing down your chest. Also, since every living thing needs to regulate the acid balance which is referred to as the PH level, in case you are able to take something which is more than the desired balance, it can destroy proteins and more. Our skin and blood do not possess the similar PH as of that on vinegar. Truth is; it can be a carcinogen the moment when it is mixed up with the wrong chemical.

What’s the conclusion? People should remember that although vinegar makes a great household cleaner, it can still create problems to our health so proper care must still be observed in order to promote safety at all times. It also contains an ugly which can be dangerous once you took a large whiff of it.

This article however is not stressing that people should get rid of vinegar because when you will try to balance the harms given by vinegar and those chemical-based cleaner, you will realize that the former is still the safer option. What you need to do is to follow the safety precautions that you would normally do when using those chemically made cleaners, as much as possible, wear a glove on your hand when you are scrubbing your walls through the use of vinegar and make sure to use it in a properly ventilated place to ensure that you wont be sniffing a lot of it!

Stay clean and safe at all times! Enjoy cleaning your home the safer way.


Source by Markus Skupeika