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How Do I Get My Wife To Come Back Home? – 3 Simple Steps To Make Her Come Home


One of the most upsetting things in life is when your marriage falls apart. You can’t help feeling like you’ve failed your family and yourself. Your wife is your other half. Without her, you can’t even begin to assess where you went wrong in the relationship. If there’s been a lot of pressure at home and you’ve pushed her away because of it, you have to first answer the question, “how do I get my wife to come back home” before you can start patching things up.

You have to make some changes to your behavior and personality if you seriously want to make sure that she comes back and stays for good. There’s no point bringing her back if it just means that you’re going to toy with her and show her that she was better off without you. It takes a real man to swallow their pride and realize that they’re just not being as good a husband that they can be. Sure we can be short-tempered or stingy, but ultimately, all we want is the best for our family. Ask yourself this: have you been putting the interests of your family as a first priority?

You have to look at your relationship in a mirror. You look in the mirror and you currently see a crack between you and your wife. It’s there because you broke the mirror. Look closer and see what made the crack in the first place. Maybe, after a while, the crack might disappear… if you don’t let what caused it in the first place near your relationship ever again. Arguing in front of the kids is one of the things you want to avoid from the start of your marriage. You want to show them that two grown adults can discuss things civilly and not have to come to blows about it.

As soon as you’ve decided to be a man and take the reigns on your family and steer them back to where you want it to go, read the following three points that regular men have used to make their wife come back home so they can talk things through:

  1. There’s one thing that really annoys the heck out of women and that’s men who say something but never do it, ie. men that don’t stand by their word. There’s no point saying, “you’ll change”, if it’s just all going to be a whole deja vu moment and she ends up leaving you again. Prove to her that you’re for real. She married a man that she trusted and she left you because you broke her trust. She wants to trust you again, but you have to prove to her that you can be trusted again. Only then is she coming back and staying.
  2. Your wife isn’t your maid. She might clean and make meals for everybody, but if she felt that she wasn’t acknowledged for this, there’s no point for her to come back. Show a bit of appreciation and she’ll realize that you will have changed for the better. There’s not a lot of reason for your wife to come back if she’s just going to be shoved into the kitchen again. Show your wife that you’ve changed by cooking once in a while and either taking your share of the housework or being able to ask your children to do the same thing. She wants a man of the house, not another little boy to raise.
  3. Us guys like to think that we know it all. Heck, even when we know we don’t know the answer to something, just to assert our “manliness”, we will pretend that we know the answer. Apologizing to your woman will show that you’ve changed to someone more humble. Only because you’re humble, doesn’t mean you’re not confident. Someone who is able to apologize when they are wrong has the gift of empathy and is able identify when they’ve upset someone. If you want to show that you’ve changed, demonstrate that you’re more empathetic and sensitive to your wife’s feelings. There’s such a thing as apologizing too much and not apologizing at all. You have to inhabit the sweet spot in between and only apologize when necessary. If you’re able to show your woman that you understand what she expects from you when you’re in the wrong, you will show her that you’re listening to her. As a result, she has no reason to believe that you haven’t changed, giving her some pretty convincing arguments for her to come back to you.

Show your woman that you know what you’re doing by following the 3 pieces of advice listed above. You asked, “how do I get my wife to come back home” and you got it. The advice seems pretty trivial but trust me. Sit down, be honest with yourself and identify where you went wrong and before you know it, she’ll be back in your arms.


Source by J. Keys