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World FIFA Ranking Procedures. Football could be said to be the commonest game in the world. Fans of football are scattered all over the world. Additionally, this game is a money maker for many people. Playing football enables some people to earn a good amount of money . There are organizations whose work is to make sure that no other game beats football in popularity rankings. Football has enabled many people to escape poverty. The games of football can be put in ranks. Ranking also affects football teams. Teams are set apart from each other by ranking from FIFA. Ranking makes it possible to explain football statistically. If a team is recognized, it is ranked by FIFA regardless of which part of the world it comes from. Whatever method is used in ranking, it should be able to produce fair results. This may include the performance of players and attitude towards the game. This is also contributed to by winnings, ties and the matches that the team has lost too. Both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used to do the rankings. Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to find out how a win or a loss in a game affects a team’s rankings. The team winning is sometimes the only thing that fans are interested in. A lot of money is spent on collecting data for analysis. This leads to major teams coughing up more money to cover the cost of this exercise. To ensure that the data collected is free and unbiased, it is essential that the people responsible for ranking these teams practice objectivity. It is also a great idea to include the observations of fans and supporters. Most times, fans and supporters provide honest reviews of their teams. Since some of them watch the game live, they tend to provide more accurate data. Just by asking the fans, you could be able to get small details such as the number of red cards issued to a particular team. You could also expect an honest review of the game from fans and also whether the referees were up to their tasks or not. This data does not guarantee that you will now know who has won. The data enables you to have a rough idea of how fine the game was. The rankings of a team are largely affected by the overall capacity of its players.
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Ranking football should not be a difficult task. Enough data is bound to make ranking easy. The players also need to be adequately profiled. This largely contributes to the overall team status. Fifa ranking give the team an overview of how they are performing from a third person’s point of view. A team can know which areas to improve on and what measures to take in order to improve their rankings.Figuring Out Teams