Pool Repair in Bucks and Montgomery County Allows New Homeowners to Enjoy Fun in the Sun

Pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County becomes necessary when people buy a house and the swimming pool is in a state of disrepair. The previous homeowners may have just quit using the pool when something stopped working, not wanting to bother with the cost. The problem could be anything from a malfunctioning heater to a broken water pump, or something more substantial. That might include the need for vinyl liner replacement or concrete renovation.

Repair or Not?

The new homeowners may feel a bit conflicted at first about the situation. They might think about having the pool removed instead of getting it fixed and refilled. But if they love swimming and they have kids who do also, having repair work done will bring them many hours of fun all summer long for years to come. A residential swimming pool is an excellent recreation feature offering opportunities for enjoyable exercise and socializing. This home improvement feature can be especially enticing to youngsters, and helps keep them fit in an era where so many children are overweight.

Pump Motor

A pool pump motor typically only lasts six or seven years in cooler climates where outdoor swimming pools are generally only used from Memorial Day to Labor Day, or perhaps until the end of September. Technicians who provide pump repair and replacement may be able to fix the motor, but experts usually recommend having it replaced. It is likely to develop another problem relatively soon if it’s five or more years old.

Pool Heater

It’s not absolutely essential to have a pool heater, but most people prefer it in this climate. Swimmers can get accustomed to cool and cold water, especially if they’re used to spending time in lakes, but warm pool water simply feels better. Having the heater repaired or replaced will ensure that the household residents and their guests will not avoid the pool, especially on chilly days.

Bigger Jobs

Having a vinyl liner replaced or concrete renovated by a company such as Sparklean Pools is a more expensive repair, but the completed project should hold up for 15 or more years. That’s well worth it for people who expect to use the pool fairly frequently.