• Unit Rates and Thai House Plans To Estimate the Cost of Building a House in Thailand

    This article is based on my recent experience of actually going through the process of obtaining estimates of the cost of building a house in Thailand including getting quotations from builders in Thailand and also using unit build rates (how much square meter) to build a retirement house in Thailand.

    It will be useful to anyone retiring in Thailand or planning to retire to Thailand and build a retirement house.

    The Two Main Two Ways To Estimate the Cost of Building a House in Thailand

    There are basically two ways of pricing a building project in Thailand.

    1. Using Unit Build Rates To Estimate The Cost Of Building A House

    The first and simplest method is by using Unit Build Rates, i.e. how much per square meter it costs to build the house in Baht/m2. There are a range of Unit Build Rates for houses in Thailand and these vary according to the standard of the building and the location in the country.

    There are other factors that affect the price of building a house in Thailand and these are not normally allowed for in unit build rates.

    Just one example is that the cost of building depends greatly upon the particular builder chosen as quotations for the same property from different builders varies greatly.

    Unit rates for use in estimating the cost of house construction are readily available where I live in the United Kingdom (UK). There are many websites that list these unit rates and also there are pricing books that give rate per square metre for a range of building types and sizes. This method is commonly used in Great Britain, and other Western countries to work out a budget cost for building a house.

    However, in Thailand the situation is different. I have not seen any ‘official’ Unit Build Rates for Thailand but several websites, notably those Forums catering for expats living in Thailand, give some rough figures from people who have built their own retirement house in Thailand.

    But that’s all they are – a guide – and really barely worth using even for budgeting purpose.

    Two Examples from Thai Websites of Unit Rates for House Build Cost in Thailand

    From A1Real.com

    Bangkok: “As of March 2006, buyers had to pay 81,975 baht/m2 in average to acquire a condominium unit in central area of Bangkok compared to 72,596 baht/m2 in the last twelve months”.

    From Thai-AirPark.com

    Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand: “A house built to western standard will cost between 160 to 300 Euros / m2″ (At 45 Euros/Baht (Jan 2010) that works out at 7,200 to 13,500 Thai Baht per m2).

    Notice how the unit rate for these two examples are so different.

    Another way to get unit rates for Thailand is to approach Thai builders and architects. Unit Build Rates recently sent to me by one of Thailand’s leading Bangkok-based design-and-build companies are in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 Baht/m2.

    The method of application of the Unit Build Rates is simple. You work out the total floor area of the proposed building including all floors and multiply by the unit rate. There is no need to find or involve a builder for this method once you have decided on the the unit rate to use.

    There are inherent inaccuracies in this approach because the mix of different types of usage will be different in different building.

    For example, using my own proposed property in Pak Chong, Thailand, as an example, the house is a typical ‘post’ house and half of the ground floor is left ‘open’ to be made into usable rooms at a later date and the other half simply has blockwork walls to for a workshop.

    Clearly the unit rate for these areas is different and different from the first floor that contains kitchen, bedrooms and other living area.

    Another example of different type (and hence costs) of building usage using my Pak Chong house as an example is that on the first floor I have a very large (compared to the rest of the house) patio area and also another semi-open area both of which would be a much lower cost to construct than the living accommodation areas.

    The fact is that new build houses in Thailand are very often of completely different style and layout to other houses. This is in comparison with the UK where new houses are often built in their hundreds all to the same design. Everyone knows what you will get in a ‘3 bed semi-detached house’ in England. In this situation unit rates can be safely applied.

    So what area is used in the cost calculation? Do you use the total area including the ground floor open area and workshop and the first floor patio and semi open area plus the living accommodation areas? …

  • Bathroom Renovations Victoria BC

    Browse toilet photos and save your favorite pictures to your inspiration board. Both means, how you plan to design the bathroom displays both your aesthetic style and life-style, and all of this impacts your costs and worth range for equipment.

    In case your bathroom has one or two areas of concern, you may decide to swap out a person fixture or two.

    As the present toilet shall be out of fee, these residing in a studio residence would discover it to be quite difficult to navigate by their every day routine.

    A slip protected tile is an unquestionable requirement for the bathroom so as to resist water and dampness.

    Bother Craigh and Debbie were great to cope with at each stage of my lavatory renovation and they made the method straightforward.

    We all know that if there’s one room in your house that may embarrass you when firm comes over, it is your toilet.

    Method your contractor with many examples of your transform concepts, including footage from dwelling decor magazines, links to rest room design concepts on the net and paint chips from the ironmongery shop.

    Choosing a faucet with an aerator can reduce the water movement in your lavatory sink by 30 p.c or extra.

    We realised that to switch the bathroom tiles would price us about two thousand dollars and we didn’t need to spend that much.

    There are numerous advantages to this technique not only for bathroom Renovations but any Renovation challenge or Custom House Construct.

    After finishing the evaluation in your lavatory, chances are you’ll find that you simply just have to update the appearance of your rest room.

    Nevertheless, for WA residents who take satisfaction within the appearance of their dwelling, both our kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth are well price considering and can add actual value to your property.

    Dream Bathrooms was based in 2012 by a husband and spouse workforce whose goal was to make rest room renovations as easy as doable whereas delivering excessive-quality remodelling companies.

    We concentrate on Bathroom Renovations design & options, that suit your private home and lifestyle completely.…

  • Proper Installation Method for a Shower Base and Repair Solutions for a Leaking Shower Base

    The whole idea behind a 1 piece shower stall is no joints, no leaks, right? Wrong! Where there is water, it will leak!

    Once again we see that improper installation techniques can cause a water leaking problem. There are a couple factors that enter into and contribute to leaking, let’s discuss them.

    The less expensive shower bases are thinner and tend to flex when you move around on the shower floor and since the drain in these units is actually a friction fit system which allows for some movement water can seep through this area and cause a problem.

    The friction fit is actually a good idea because there will always be a different rate of movement between the shower base, the structural floor, and the drain piping. The drain pipe for the shower is usually a 1 ½” or 2″ PVC pipe that slips through a rubber sleeve attached to the bottom of the shower base.

    The problem in this case is that the floor of the shower unit actually flexes because of the lack of support from the bottom.

    The proper method for installing the shower pan is to place it in a “bed” of mortar or similar acting product that will effectively cradle it and keep it from moving. My favorite product to do this is spray foam for a couple reasons. It creates the “bed” but it also deadens the sound and further acts as an insulator so as not to conduct cold through to the base itself.

    You must dry fit the shower base first to make sure everything lines up. Once you set it in the foam you won’t get it back up.

    To figure the thickness of the “bed” you need to lay the shower base upside down on carpet or some other soft surface as not to scratch it. Place a straight edge or level across the bottom and measure down to the floor of the unit. Add about ¾” to that measurement to get the thickness of the bed you need to put down.

    When you have completed your dry fit you are ready to lay your “bed” down and lay your base into it. Simply spray the foam down on the floor and when it is built up to the desired height and coverage (generally 50% of the total area) lay the base into it. Press firmly, but do not step into it or push down aggressively or you will cause a gap to form between the base and the “bed” once the pressure is released. Leave it sit for the recommended drying time on the “bed” product you have used and you are good to go.

    OK fine John, but mine is already installed; what can I do now to keep it from leaking?

    Here is a solution that has worked in the past to solve the problem. Remove the drain gate, usually snaps in and out, although there may be a screw holding it in place. Clean the area around the joint between the fiberglass base and the rubber gasket. You may need to use a putty knife. Then wipe it clean with nail polish remover, or other degreaser type of cleaner. Be careful when using some products as they can discolor fiberglass or PVC.

    Now using a flashlight, look into the drain, not too far down you will see the actual drain pipe itself. More than likely it will look like a white ring about 3/16″ thick. Continue looking carefully to the outside of this ring and you can see the rubber sleeve just to the outside of it. Clean the top edge of the pipe and the sleeve right above it.

    Using some 100% silicone, I recommend GE brand, run a bead around the top edge of the pipe onto the sleeve and another bead on the top where the gasket meets the base. Moisten your finger with a little water and smooth out the bead, not too much, just make sure it is sealed all the way around and that you have left it about 1/8″ thick. Pure silicone will remain flexible when it dries, which will allow for the slight movement that can cause leaks. Let it dry for the recommended time and snap the drain in and you are good to go.

    Something else you can do if you have access to the bottom of the floor under the shower, you can drill a few straw size holes under the base, be very careful you don’t drill through the base, and using a spray foam product, place some foam under the shower base. Do not walk on or use the shower until the foam has completely set, of your work will have been for nothing.

    These repair methods will solve your problem and …

  • Factors to Consider Prior To Starting a Landscape Supply Company

    Irrespective of one’s financial status, starting a company or rather business is not a walk in the park. It gets even harder when it is a landscape supply company. Unlike other supply businesses, a landscape supply business is highly profitable. Suffice to say, it is a very lucrative business that requires one to have necessary resources and ample skills to effectively run it.

    Therefore – prior to starting such a business – it is imperative for one to understand what needs to be done, when and how to go about the entire process that is involved in the daily running of a landscape business. Being a self descriptive venture, it provides customers with landscaping supplies for the beautification of their gardens and lawns. Listed are factors to consider prior to setting up a landscape supply company.

    For starters, structure your business’ entity. Structuring ones business entity is inevitable and crucial at the same time. To be legally allowed to run a landscape business, one can either form a limited liability company; sole proprietorship or better, a corporation. However, the process of establishing a business entity requires the assistance of an attorney or a certified public accountant. Visiting ones secretary of state website to form a limited liability company can also suffice.

    Next, obtain a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS). This is the second and the most fundamental step to starting a landscape company. In order to carefully plan and manage the running of a landscape business, in regards to hiring employees, expanding and effectively building credible business credit; obtaining a tax ID is necessary, if not very important.

    For the records, one can easily obtain a tax identification number by calling an IRS representative over the phone. Or – if detailed processes are your thing – you can gladly print form SS-4 from the Internal Revenue Service’s website then physically put it in the mail. Nonetheless, the simplest and easiest way to apply for one is just by visiting the IRS website, period.

    Lastly, acquire a license. While this is necessary, it is noteworthy to check first with the secretary of state or local chamber of commerce to determine if a business license is required for the operation of a landscape supply company in your area. Afterward, determine if you want to operate solely the company through an office or online with just a website. Finding suppliers that can sell landscape supplies to customers, establishing a merchant account and creating marketing materials can also be considered at this stage.

    Source by Johnny Kilroy

  • Kitchen Remodel Chapter #3

    remodel kitchen ideasTo view projects in keeping with house or to view full challenge pictures go to our gallery. Check out our gallery of kitchen makeover and rework ideas to get the inspiration you need to create the kitchen of your desires.

    Contrasting textures: Using quite a lot of supplies in your kitchen remodel places many contrasting textures aspect-by-side.

    The bottom line right here is that you may not let finances constraints in how you create a unbelievable new kitchen in your home, the fact is that if you’re artistic and flexible in the design course of, you possibly can accomplish amazing issues.

    Those polled in the Report” gave their new kitchen a Joy Score of 9.eight — a ranking based on those who stated they have been glad or happy with their reworking, with 10 being the very best rating and 1 the bottom.

    It may be a good idea to go to several showrooms for the design of the kitchen to see the choice of tools, furnishings and fixtures which can be accessible to you.

    We’ll get more into how we organized and arranged the cabinets in another publish, but we went with SO MUCH of drawer bases.

    You’ll discover a helpful team of cabinet experts in our Columbia, Md showroom, prepared that can assist you along with your kitchen or toilet remodel Whether or not you are going to DIY, hiring a home improvement contractor or making the most of our transforming providers, we’re here that will help you.

    In case you are proud of the overall format of your kitchen, cabinetry refacing is the quickest, most economical and least disruptive technique to create your new kitchen.remodel kitchen diy

    The crisscross sample is repeated within the glass-paneled cabinets to present the room’s design a cohesive look.

    Buying during considered one of Ikea’s three annual kitchen sales saved me 20 percent — about $1,200 — on cupboards, hardware, a farmhouse sink, faucet and vary hood.

    However I knew this kitchen wouldn’t essentially be the gourmand, vivid white photography-ready kitchen my enterprise requires, so we regarded into transforming choices instantly.remodel kitchen ideas

    The kitchen area ought to seem as if it little by little took on this search around a interval of time to appreciate a additional collected appear.

    With a per-merchandise price breakdown from totally different contractors in hand, you may be able to negotiate your method into a better deal.

    It was not arduous to work to find a floor design that can complement the overall look of your kitchen.

    A cottage like kitchen renovation style will also be accomplished by adding white coloring shades to cabinets and furniture units.…

  • Green Vs Conventional Cleaning Products

    If you are anything like me, cleaning is not your favorite hobby, but the results are worth the time spent. Cleanliness is needed for ensuring better health and beauty, whether you are getting rid of dust, dirt, germs, garbage or odors. What if you were told that the products you were using are actually even more hazardous to your health than the germs you are trying to get rid of? There are two options for you when choosing which products to use when you clean your house; conventional or green products.

    The conventional cleaning products are definitely effective at getting rid of germs, but are they doing more harm than good? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of our traditional way of cleaning with conventional products. The number one thing that people look for in their cleaning products is to make sure that it is non-toxic. Parents don’t want to put toxins in the air and on the surfaces that their little ones play in or on. Many conventional products are in fact toxic-free, but it is always important to double-check. It is also important to check to see if the container is made with toxins. Many of the cleaning product containers are not easily recycled, so people just throw them in the trash. If the containers are made with toxins, that means we are polluting our environment with hazardous materials. The containers are surely not bio-degradable, so they are just filling up landfills. Due to the chemicals and additives that are used in conventional products, they need to be tested to see if they will be harmful to a human, so they are tested on animals. Do you really want to contribute to animal testing?

    Now-a-days, the term eco-friendly is extremely popular. With more people “going green” one of the first things they consider switching is their cleaning product brands. Parents get an added peace of mind knowing that their cleaning cupboard is filled with natural products, rather than harsh chemicals, heaven forbid a little one gets into that cupboard. Green products typically have no or minute health limitations, which allows for a much broader customer base.

    There are currently many types of green products on the market, but one of the best is EnvirOx. The EnvirOx product line ensures a toxic-free home environment. These EnvirOx products are made from natural substances, but still maintain maximum cleaning strength. That means that they will decompose in soil quickly and naturally without creating any toxicity. EnvirOx is extremely effective at killing germs and bacteria and other micro-organisms present in your home, work place, automotive, etc.

    The EnvirOx products are usable on various surfaces including glass, marble, ceramic, tile, carpet, grout, wood floors, walls, whiteboards, steel and many more. Each and every case ensures 100% satisfaction. EnvirOx has various products for all the jobs around the home including disinfecting, grout cleaning and renovation, multi-purpose cleaning and more. The key advantages of EnvirOx cleaning products are their improved cleaning ability, they are non-fuming, hypoallergenic, petroleum free and they are easy to handle with no corrosive effect.

    EnvirOx’s Multi-Purpose Cleaners allow for 95% of the daily cleaning tasks to be done effectively with just two dilutions of one product!! “In the Spring of 2003, EnvirOx’s H2Orange2 became the first hydrogen peroxide-based multi-purpose cleaner to obtain Green Seal certification.” Since that time, the H2Orange2 formula has been imitated, but its effectiveness has never been replicated.

    Source by Judy Baltzersen

  • Why Use Reclaimed Barn Wood

    Many centuries ago, a wise king stated, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The statement was true then and still true today. Don’t believe it? Then look at the resurgence in re-using products such as metal, paper, wood, old furniture and many more items that we once would have tossed. Now, we spend time looking for ways to incorporate those older items to be something beautiful. One such item that is extremely popular is reclaimed barn wood.

    There are many reasons that people are opting for reclaimed wood over simply going to the lumber yard and purchasing new wood. Here are but a few of them:

    1. In a world where we are constantly looking for ways to recycle, it is time to go back to the basics. So, why not begin with wood. By using reclaimed barn wood, you help preserve the forest and responsibly use the resources our environment provides.
    2. Preparing reclaimed barn wood for use takes little toll on the environment.
    3. It takes more energy to process and use new wood, than it does to prepare reclaimed barn wood for a project.
    4. Because today’s world often wants lumber from young virgin trees, trees grown commercially are rarely long enough to reach their full potential size. Consequently, using reclaimed wood allows you to have longer planks of wood cut, making it perfect for large projects.
    5. Because the wood has already stood the test of time, it is fully dried out and thus more durable than new wood.
    6. Every section of reclaimed wood is different, so you can create a unique pattern and design. This variation in patterning and color makes it ideal for ceilings, flooring, countertops and many other decorative elements in a home or office.
    7. Reclaimed barn wood is sometimes referred to as historical wood or story wood because each board tells a story. When you purchase reclaimed wood, be sure to ask about the history of the wood. After all, there’s something special about owning a piece of history.
    8. When it is used for a project where it will not be walked on, there is no need to treat it with sealants or stains. Thus, it is quicker to install. For flooring, it can be prepped with simple sanding, with staining being optional. However, in staining you don’t have to be concerned about the integrity of the wood, as the staining will only show off the imperfections that make it beautiful.

    There are many sources of reclaimed wood. You can find it in salvage stores, on the property location, by visiting re-stores and even by contacting a company to make new wood look like old. But regardless of where you find, you are sure to be pleased with the finished project in which it is used. So, what will you build with repurposed barn wood? Get started today.

    Source by Janet Slagell