• Stainless Steel Cheese Grater Advantages

    If you love grated cheese, you want to buy cheese, slice and eat it on a daily basis. Grated cheese is appetizing. The very sight of the cheese pleases both your eyes and the next thing you want is to eat it. This explains why the stainless steel cheese grater is one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. This amazing tool does not only help you grate the cheese but it also enables you to shred soft foods like orange, lemon or coconut.

    Earlier, the graters available were the hand-operated types. You had to hold the block of cheese and glide it over the surface. At least the half of the cheese would melt in your hands and the flakes you got were not as firm. Furthermore the task was time-consuming. However, the time consumed would depend upon the types of recipes selected. Some recipes required one to chop up cheese for a few hours especially when the cheese was prepared for several guests.

    What would have really help you in the situation described above is a stainless steel cheese grater. There are several benefits of owning a grater made of stainless steel. Its advantages include:

    * It is very simple to use and anybody can use it.

    * You will save a lot of your time and effort compared to using the regular cheese grater.

    * Reduces risk of slicing your skin- when you use a regular cheese grater there is a risk that you might slice some of your skin too. This is fairly common while grating a big piece of cheese. If a grater bruises your skin, causing it to bleed, your blood could drip into the grated cheese. This could spoil your cheese and render it useless to be used in food. It would mean wastage of cheese.

    * Stainless steel cheese grater is advanced technologically- the block of cheese is placed in a separate compartment and you rotate a handle to grate the cheese. The blades only touch the cheese and not your hands. This feature is unavailable in the manually operated cheese graters.

    * Its lovely and fashionable- Another good point of a cheese grater made of stainless steel is that is looks very nice. You can place it on the dinner table. If someone wishes to have more cheese, you could grate fresh cheese right at the dinner table over his or her plate. This is different from the days when only the hand-operated graters were available. You would have to rush to the kitchen, search for the cheese grater and chop up extra cheese. This would mess up the kitchen surfaces and bore your guests, which was embarrassing.

    So, you can see it is wonderful to have a stainless steel cheese grater in your modern kitchen. It’s a useful, a handy and an ultramodern tool that saves your time and effort. It is very safe for your hands as well and saves you from any kind of wastage of food. It has an aesthetic appeal as well as it stands proudly on your dinner table.

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  • 2017 Bathroom Rework Value Guide In Virginia

    bathroom remodel contractorsYou can get an awesome bathtub reworking challenge achieved for beneath $5K, but it surely’s necessary to handle your expectations if this is your objective. There are lots of toilet photographs on sites like this and others which you’ll search via google, yahoo or bing.

    Should you plan on moving out of your home within the next five to seven years, a modest challenge that updates that loo for mainstream tastes could also be a better choice.

    Altogether the contractor stated it will value between $175,000 & $200,000 for the remainder of the house.

    If you rent Wentworth to your bathroom transform, work is fastidiously scheduled and coordinated to minimize disruptions to your own home.

    We can not fully describe our pleasure and satisfaction with the new lavatory Floor-to-Ceiling created for us. From the moment I stepped into their showroom, all of the elements for which I was looking out materialized right before my eyes — my buying was finished.

    Making the dedication to a bathroom renovation generally is a little intimidating, but Tom’s Greatest will walk you thru the complete course of earlier than work ever begins to make sure you are informed and excited in regards to the finish results.

    New lighting is planned to coincide with the bathroom renovation, however in the meantime, the old chain fixture was polished up, and new chain and globes have been bought to clean up the look of the room until the rest of the renovations are undertaken.

    According to Remodel Magazine’s annual report of price versus value transform initiatives, the bathroom remodel is one of the prime initiatives that brings a great return in your monetary investment.

    That’s not to say that you could’t get a superb bathtub rework for underneath $5k, since you absolutely can.

    The price of your materials can go up rapidly if you’d like any specialized fixtures or when you need the bathroom to be handicapped-accessible.

    Accessible in quite a lot of colors and finishes, this easy activity packs an enormous punch in relation to freshening up the lavatory.

    If your tub is one which is porcelain-coated, there are firms which specialise in refinishing these tubs and making them look pretty much as good as new.…

  • Proper Lighting For a Jewelry Store

    Proper store lighting can attract more customers to any establishment, help sell more product, and strengthen a store’s image. Many designers argue that the most important element of a store’s design may be its lighting. Unfortunately, lighting is often the most neglected component of store design.

    When choosing the lighting for any store or display cases, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

    Ceiling Height: The height of a store’s ceiling is one of the most important factors that goes into a plan for lighting a jewelry store in such a way that the merchandise looks spectacular. As the source of light moves farther away from the merchandise the power and intensity of the light diminishes. Stores with higher ceilings (over 9′) face some challenges with lighting. Stores with ceiling that are taller either have to use more lights that are spaced closer together to illuminate a showcase or bring the light source closer by dropping down a track or using a pendant.

    Color: The color of light is measure in Kelvin (temperature). The higher the temperature (Kelvin) reading the cooler the color of light and the lower the temperature the warmer the color. For example a light that is 3000K would be a warmer color and a light that is 4000K would be a cooler light. As the temperature of light gets too high (over 4200K) the color of the light begins to take on a blue quality. Lights that are in the 5500K to 6500K will look “blue” to the eye.

    Bulb Life/Quality: How long a bulb is expected to last is based upon its “rated life”. The better bulbs have a rated life in excess of 10,000 hours. The quality of a bulb can also be measured by its CRI (Color Rendition Index). The higher the CRI of a bulb the better the quality of the light that it projects will be. CRI numbers over 80 signify a very high quality of light. CRI numbers over 90 signify an exemplary quality of light.

    Power of Light: The power of a bulb is measured in lumens. The amount of light that is generated is measured in Lux or, more commonly, in foot-candles (“fc”). The higher the lumens the higher the amount of foot-candles that will be generated by the bulb.

    Different Light Sources: There are three main sources of light that are used in Jewelry stores. They are (1) Ceramic Metal Halide (2) Halogen (3) Fluorescent. LED technology is being used more and more but is still far behind the main three. The best source of lighting for jewelry is still Ceramic Metal Halide. This is due to its qualities. They are energy efficient, powerful (lumens over 6000), come in warm and cool colors (3000K to 4200K) has excellent CRI (over 80 and in most cases over 90 CRI) and can provide foot-candles that can exceed 400. Halogens are hot, have lower CRI’s, do not maintain their color over the life of the bulb and are about a quarter to a third of power of a ceramic metal halide. Fluorescents are energy efficient but do not project enough power to be useful in a jewelry store when it comes to illuminating merchandise.

    LED’s are the “buzz” but they have limitations and problems. LED technology is constantly changing. An LED fixture you buy today is (as in the case of a personal computer) will be outdated within a year. Keeping a consistent color of the LED over time can be problematic due to the changes in LED technology. LED’s can make jewelry look great inside of the showcase but are not powerful enough to be placed over the case where the sale is actually made. Due to this limitation, a different source of light is required above the showcase such as ceramic metal halide or halogen. This is where the problems occur. What happens is that there are two different sources of light each making a piece of jewelry look different. As an example … a customer see’s a piece of jewelry inside of a showcase being lit by an LED strip. They ask to have the salesperson take it out for them to see it. It is taken out and is now over the glass being illuminated by a DIFFERENT light source which makes the piece look different. The customer begins to wonder if the lighting inside the case is there to “trick” them into thinking the jewelry looks good. As sales are finalized on the “glass” having a light source that makes the jewelry look the same inside the case as it does above the case is crucial to closing a sale.


    (1) Most designers who understand the proper way to light a jewelry store will tell you …

  • Properties, Uses, and Advantages of Quartzite

    Today, many modern homes use quartzite for building purposes owing to its availability in unique colors and patterns. It is basically a form of metamorphosed sandstone. This stone is available in white, pink, and gray. Bricks and building blocks are also created with quartzite.

    Properties of quartzite

    Following is a short list of the exclusivity of this stone, which makes it a popular choice for various types of construction works:

    1. One of the major properties of this stone is high resistance to wear and tear. This is a very hard stone and is also resistant to weathering. Properties like durability and suitability to every type of construction project is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

    2. Quartzite has high abrasion hardness and is also resistant to harsh chemical attacks.

    3. The surface of the stone is also very glossy, which is helpful for decoration and landscaping purposes.

    4. It is available naturally in various forms, textures, and colors. It has a high aesthetic appeal and thus can be used for decorating the outer walls of the houses.

    5. It is suitable for use in all surfaces – hones, polished, sand blasted, or flamed.

    While there are so many properties, knowledgeable architects prefer it for being ageless – forever contemporary.

    Uses of quartzite

    Owing to its ability to split along the foliations, it is generally used for wall claddings and as roofing tiles. The granoblastic form of the stone has a medium-grained texture that allows the material to be used in the construction of floors. Various other types of exterior and interior designer tiles are also created with such stones. The stone is also a perfect choice for the construction of pool decks, entrances, stair treads. It is considered to be the best choice for areas where foot traffic is heavier. This is because; the material is easy to clean and provides a non-skid surface naturally. You can expose the stone to heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. In the US, quartzite is generally crushed and used as aggregate base for pavement projects. It is interesting to note that during the 17th century, West African nations used the stone as money!

    Benefits of the stone

    1. It is an extremely hard stone and lacks tiny orifices. Thus, it can be used for shower floors. The texture of the stone will prevent people from slipping even when water spills on them.

    2. Dirt generally does not accumulate due to its smooth surface and it can withstand stress. So, it can be used for flooring in areas of heavy traffic.

    Are you interested to buy quartzite? San Diego comprises a few great suppliers from where you will be able to buy the material at the best price in the market.

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  • Toilet Rework #1

    bathroom remodel ideasThe most popular tech products just like the Apple Watch or iPhone 6, the Tesla S sportscar or a Bang and Olufsen BeoVision TV all have something in common: the newest in modern, modern design. The most popular sort of bathroom flooring in properties at this time is stone or ceramic tile.

    We are committed to offering our purchasers the very best quality lavatory remodel programs, installed the right means, for less.

    A whole lot of homeowners within the Richmond area are searching for new and improved methods to retailer towels and other bathroom requirements.

    You actually do have some clever concepts that folks don’t at all times think of. We repainted our cabinets and replaced the ugly painted hinges with hidden hinges and removed door and drawer pulls completely for a sleeker look.

    Placing in non-slip tile flooring, adding further storage space, putting in hand rails for safety causes and changing worn wiring are all good ways to maintain a rest room safe and easy to make use of.

    I hope this text evokes you to makeover a rest room in your house for as little as $a hundred.

    It is a mission that started during Memorial Day week, the place I painted all the cupboards Then the condo kitchen transform went into full swing, and I just could not convey myself to complete the cabin kitchen.

    Full Service Rework – We’re so positive that you’ll be satisfied with your full service Texas tub transform, that we provide a written, cash-back guarantee.

    I also found an opulent new rest room rug in deep brown which matches nicely with the brand new vainness colour.

    These bathtubs value considerably more, however they last a lifetime and are just about maintenance free.

    Your husband will respect your ideas in the end, when the home is filled with character (and storage space).…

  • Pros and Cons of Owning a Log Home

    For many people, their vision of a dream home is a log cabin tucked away in the woods, or a luxurious log home overlooking a lake, where they can cuddle up next to a roaring fire in an open fireplace. Whether it’s a little cabin or a mansion, many people dream of owning a log home!

    However, many people are surprised to learn that there are also special consideration to being a log home owner. Pests, settling/shrinking and unfamiliar maintenance requirements are a few of the items that can be intimidating for buyers at first.

    Like any home, there will always be maintenance & upkeep to be done, so don’t let that discourage you. Here’s a list of pros and cons associated with owning a log home. You may want to factor these into your decision of whether owning a log home is right for you.

    Advantages of owning a Log Home or Cabin

    Energy efficient – Due to timber’s thermal mass, which accounts for the wood’s ability to store and release heat throughout the day and night, log homes are great at conserving energy, and maintaining temperatures. This means your home can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter without you having to rely so heavily on air conditioning units and central heating. They are generally regarded as being anywhere from 2.5% to over 20% more energy efficient, if built and caulked properly, as compared to an identical wood-frame home.

    Log homes fit into the “green” lifestyle – If being environmentally conscious is important to you, going with log will be a good fit. Builders today tend to use logs from sustainable forests, to ensure that they are not depleting forests that are already in trouble. Combined with the energy efficiency referenced above, this means that they are very “green”.

    Traditional charm with modern conveniences – many people love log cabins because they bring to mind a simpler way of life. In today’s homes, you can keep that traditional charm while also adding the modern conveniences many of us don’t want to live without – beautiful modern kitchens with all the important appliances, central heat & air, open floor plans with vaulted ceilings, even integrated technology. These offer comfort and convenience in the rustic setting you’ve dreamed of, bringing you the best of both worlds.

    Solid, secure homes that are beautiful, cozy and quiet. Log walls are natural sound insulators too, giving you a well-built home with an unmatched feeling of security.

    Possible Disadvantages of owning a Log Cabin or Home

    Maintenance & Upkeep – this is an area that can surprise new owners. Log homes have unique maintenance requirements as compared to traditional stick-built homes. Note, though, that doesn’t mean that maintaining one is “more difficult”. It’s just different. The logs may require regular caulking/chinking to ensure that water & air stay out. Staining or sanding may be needed as well. Since the logs may expand and contract as the temperature changes, settling can occur. However, some issues caused by this can be addressed during the construction process, so if you’re building, make sure you hire a reputable and experienced builder. If you’re buying a pre-built home, be sure to involve a qualified inspector that has a good knowledge of log homes.

    Pests can be a problem – bugs (most commonly carpenter bees and termites) may want to make the logs their homes and/or feed on the wood. These can be effectively managed with regular care and attention.

    Insurance may be more challenging to get – don’t assume that your regular carrier will insure your log home. Most big-name insurance companies do provide coverage. Be sure to do your research and find a reputable company that offers log home insurance. Also, because many are located in rural areas that are further from fire departments & hydrants, you may see higher fire insurance rates.

    Be careful with kits – if you’re building new, a log home kit may seem convenient. However, since not all kits are created equally, they may also present challenges. Kits are designed to fit perfectly together like a puzzle for a pre-designed plan. This leaves little room for creative changes you may want along the way. Some provide only the logs and timber, while others may include items such as interior walls. Some companies keep the costs down by using inferior materials. If you decide to use a kit, make sure that you know exactly what the kit includes, check reviews & ratings on the company you’ll be buying from, and be sure the design is what you want.

    It can be hard to sell a log home – though some people think that they are harder to sell than stick built homes, we’ve found that good maintenance of the home, …

  • A Marketing Tool Alternative: Plinko

    How many times have you wished that you could find a marketing tool that actually produced some results? Thanks to constant competition and a growing unemployment rate, placing ads in the newspaper will get about the same results that you would get tossing your money into the trashcan. Repair businesses are especially prone to difficult times, regardless of the economy. Television and computer manufacturers are smart. They produce inexpensive units but charge an arm and a leg for replacement parts. It is almost as cheap to buy a new unit as it is to have one fixed.

    That does not mean that you cannot succeed. You are just going to have to be creative in your advertising approach. If you have not tried already, you might want to consider a more personal tactic. You need to use something that engages potential customers and gives them the fun and excitement that everyone craves. A prize game might be a good option. They are fully customizable and were designed to generate a fun, interactive environment. Plus, there are a lot of different ways to use them. With a prize wheel, you can insert prizes into the wedges and use it the traditional way or turn it into a trivia game by inserting questions into the prize wedges. You can use them at trade expos, at the community fair, or inside your store as a spin to win promotion. The sky is the limit.

    Choosing the right prize game can be difficult. Prize wheels are, by far, the most popular type of prize game and have been proven time and again to be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, they have become more popular in recent years. If you want the most original approach, you might want to try one of the other options. Plinko is a great game of chance in which a potential customer drops a puck into the top of the game piece. The puck then falls and turns over a series of spindles until it reaches the bottom, where it reveals which prize the customer has won. They are just as effective as prize wheels and can literally draw crowds to your repair shop.

    Some people like to hold a carnival promotion by buying all the different kinds of prize games. They put the Toss ‘N Win and Prize Dice in one corner, the Plinko and prize wheel in another, and have the Display ‘N Play right at the entrance to give potential customers a chance at a door prize as they are coming in. This is a great way to combine the marketing power of all of Event Prize Games’ prize games and really give a business the boost it needs to survive. Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

    Source by Brian Jardine