• 6 Steps to Making Good Financial Decisions in Tough Times

    I heard a staggering statistic the other day about the number of homes that are going into foreclosure each day. In addition, people are losing their jobs as many businesses experience a decline in revenues and are struggling to keep their doors open. It’s certain that most of us are feeling the effects of this tougher economy. What we don’t yet know is how deep and how long we will experience these economic tough times.

    Financial stress can either paralyze us into taking no action when we should or cause us to make poor, impulsive decisions. When we’re in a flourishing economy, it’s so much easier to recover from any bad decisions we might make. However, when things are tough there’s not as much room for error and a misstep will take a longer time to recover from financially. Over my years of experience in working with clients, I’ve come up with these six steps that will help you make better financial decisions in tough times.

    Step 1: Know what’s truly important

    The first step is to take the time to know what’s most important to you. This is more difficult when you’re feeling financial stress. Ask yourself the question, “What makes my life richer?” For example, spending time with your children or your spouse, and staying healthy might be most important to you. Once you have clarity on what’s most important, it’s easier to make financial decisions that keep you in alignment with your life values.

    Step 2: Be proactive about your spending choices

    The second step to making good decisions in a tough economy is to be proactive about how you spend your money. Look for ways to cut household expenses and before you buy, ask yourself “Is this purchase really necessary?” In addition, check to see if any loans or credit cards can be refinanced or consolidated to lower your monthly payments and interest rates.

    If you are self-employed and experiencing a business slow-down, look for ways to reduce your overhead. Many business owners who are renting space have been able to re-negotiate a lesser rent. You’ll also want to explore creative ways of finding and keep new customers while keeping your current ones happy with your products or services.

    Step 3: Seek input from professionals

    The third step to making good decisions in a tight economy is to research the options and the consequences of major financial decisions. The more research you do the better outcome you’ll have. Seek input from people who have more information and experience than you. Also, check into the possible tax or legal consequences of your decision. This is particularly important if you’re considering a decision on the disposition of property such as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or going into foreclosure.

    Step 4: Check In With Yourself

    The fourth step to making good decisions in a tough market is to take the time to have a quiet moment with yourself once you’ve gathered all the information. How does the decision feel? Do you have any nagging doubts? Do you feel “fear” about making the decision? Ask yourself, “Have I gathered enough information to feel good about this decision?” Every person I’ve ever met who made a financial decision that resulted in the loss of money, time and energy admitted that they ignored their small voice or that feeling in the pit of their stomach.

    Step 5: Make decisions based on where you are now The fifth step to making good decisions in a tough market is to make all of your spending decisions based on where you are now and be cautious about the future. Making decisions based on where you are now means don’t spend money until you’ve received it no matter how certain it appears – whether it’s an inheritance or a “for sure” commission check. Avoid using your credit cards if you are unable to pay them off each month. Also, don’t spend money unnecessarily because you’re hoping the economy is going to get better soon. This is not the time for impulsive purchases. Being cautious about the future means that even though your job may seem secure or your business is doing well, stay alert to the fact that we are in a tougher, uncertain economy and make your decisions with this in mind.

    Step 6: Good Self Care will keep you creative

    The sixth and final step to making good decisions in a tough economy is good self-care that will keep you feeling optimistic and vibrant, enhancing create ideas. Self-care can be excellent creative play. You may feel that since things are “tight” you don’t have time for this, however when we are in a creative state we are able to see things more clearly, we can see other perspectives and are …

  • Dwelling Restore Loans

    home repair loansThe U.S. Division of Agriculture’s Rural Growth office gives grants to seniors by way of the Rural Repair and Rehabilitation program. We had been referred to as in to paint this ceiling space after a small repair was achieved to a ceiling.

    Nevertheless, on loans for newly built homes, you even have the choice of selecting our Builder Finest® Prolonged Price Lock program.

    You should present the power to pay property taxes, utilities, home-owner property insurance coverage funds, lenders, creditors and the home enchancment mortgage from the City.

    Owner insurance funds shall be deposited into an escrow account and shall be expended first when contractor payments are approved.

    As soon as the appliance is acquired and reviewed, The House Restore Program Coordinator will examine the home to assess the challenge necessities and value, that are added to the applying.

    The internet is a wealthy storehouse of articles on a wide range of matters proper from transforming kitchens and bathrooms, to ground planning and insulation, then space saving, wallpaper, sanitation and so on. However, any dwelling enchancment restore includes a certain quantity of expenditure and thus planning out a price price range and then taking one step at a time would be the wisest thing to comply with.home repair insurance

    When a repair is roofed by an insurance coverage and only a portion of the price to restore is covered, the proprietor must signal over insurance declare payment(s) to the Metropolis of Denton earlier than work might start.

    Typically, you may also need to point out that you’ve got further funds in your accounts to cover a number of months of mortgage, tax, and insurance funds.

    For equipment restore typically it’s one thing simple, like a damaged belt or change, wherein case most of the time you might have the ability to substitute it your self.

    By spending a bit of time taking a look at your options, chances are you’ll determine that a repair can easily turn right into a minor remodel, adding not simply functionality and beauty to your private home, however worth as properly.

    The Healthy Residence Repair Program is for householders who dwell in the City of St. Louis; have owned and lived of their house for no less than 2 years; have clear title; are current on their real property taxes; are current on their mortgage payments and have home-owner’s insurance.home repair grants

    The city additionally presents the Metropolis House Repair Program which assists Kansas Metropolis, Missouri homeowners who cannot afford to make pressing residence repairs.

    If you are going to do that an important thing to do is get the leak space clear and dry earlier than you start otherwise any restore will not work.

    For the security of most of Plumbing DeLisle customers, DeLisle Plumbing Repair always strictly installs all mat erials primarily based on the producers requirements.

    As soon as the appliance is received and reviewed, The Dwelling Restore Program Coordinator or Habitat Volunteer Supervisor will inspect the home to evaluate the project necessities, supplies and value, that are added to the appliance inside 24 hours.

    Deferred loans are forgiven monthly over the period of the mortgage and no fee is required as long as you remain within the house as required and meet all deed necessities.…

  • Hotel Renovation Press Release – A Great News Topic to Publish

    Hotel renovation is one of the most compelling hotel news topics for publishing press releases. It is an opportunity to let the world know about your growth, innovations, creativity and commitment to quality services.

    Surprisingly, many hoteliers ignore hotel renovation as an important part of the publicity campaign. Smart hoteliers know how to showcase their hotel renovation in a compelling way and make the most of the popular curiosity. Redesigning and renovation are important milestones for every hotelier and property owner. Therefore, they should not leave any stone unturned in ensuring their property is decently presented to elicit curiosity among the potential customers and stakeholders alike.

    Here is how they can go about promoting their hotel renewal process:

    Focus on The Unique Hotel Designs

    Hotel renovating job is all about new designs and uniqueness. People are usually curious about knowing what is coming up in the renovated building and if there are new amenities being added to the renovated hotel. In fact, such news content is meant to be written around the unique features of an on-going work. Therefore, it is very important to highlight the unique features of your hotel renovation news stories.

    Further, it allows you to promote your hotel as a future destination for comfort and luxury. So hoteliers should make the most of this opportunity to promote their business online.

    Devise Your Promotional Strategy

    A hotel renewal news release would be as popular if written properly. Hoteliers need to either devise their own promotional strategy or hire an independent agency to undertake hotel renovation press release promotion from the start to finish.

    The most important aspect of promoting such hotel news is to decide on your target audience to begin with. Every hotel has a customer acquisition plan, and when they plan to renovate the building, they usually streamline the customer acquisition process.

    By deciding on a specific target audience, you can be in a better position to concentrate your promotional efforts on the right consumer segment. This process plays a critical role in your promotional success.

    Hire a Professional Photographer

    This is one of the most important aspects of your hotel renewal news stories development process. Pictures say a thousand words and unless you include the pictures of your ongoing renovated structures, the press release will have less impact on the audience.

    Hire a professional photographer who specializes in corporate photography. Make sure the photographer takes the photos of both interior and exterior parts of the renovated building. After taking several pictures from multiple angels, decide on the best photos that represent your hotel in the most compelling and professional fashion. Use only best photographs before publishing your business story.

    Decide on the Frequency of Promotion

    More often than not, promotion is a matter of frequency. In other words, you need to decide on the frequency of press release strategies. An effective hotel news strategy is usually a mix of choosing the right distribution outlets, number of publications and timing of the news.

    If it does not go live at the right time, it tends to be less effective than normal. Likewise, it is vital to choose the distributing outlets where you should or should not publish your hotel renovation story. There are general outlets and specialized outlets out there. However, you need to decide the best outlets where your press releases will be more visible to your target audience.

    Source by Rahman Mehraby

  • Home Enchancment Financing │ Home Equity Different

    home improvement loans with no equityWhether or not you’re looking for THE ‘We will not stack the containers any larger’ MORTGAGE, or THE ‘we have to convert the storage’ RESIDENCE IMPROVEMENT MORTGAGE, come and discuss to your local credit union. Just remember to examine the legitimacy of the listed house improvement company earlier than you hire it. If you do not find the company you are on the lookout for on the web, you possibly can look via your local business listing for any listed house reworking contractor.

    Likelihood is that even in case you’re not paying down your principal, you are constructing equity in your house by means of appreciation.

    I’ve obtained numerous payments to pay, that features bank cards and utility bills, and different debts.

    You do not pay except you get a mortgage and the one fees you’ll encounter are the origination charge and from late funds and rejected funds from your bank account.

    The enterprise owners out there will need to make sure to try unsecured enterprise loans They are going to allow you to to liberate money to extend in size or to do mainly anything that you simply wish to do. You should positively be using them over different forms of loans and especially over credit cards.

    Nevertheless, secured loans are a good choice for anybody planning a giant undertaking as they can be used to borrow as much as £100,000 – depending on how much accessible fairness you will have in your house.

    I really feel when anyone is as bad or worse than me that any adverse or sarcastic comments make us need to beat the #@%# out of them.

    Dwelling fairness loans to increase the worth of your house so it is very important rigorously think about where to put your cash.

    I am lookin for a legit 5000.00 mortgage to start out up a bussiness and i’ve weak credit i have a commercial constructing i had it leased out however the tenants abrubtly gave it again today now im in deperate want of a mortgage to reopen the bussiness myself.

    Wells Fargo pays $70Millionfor Failure in foreclosures accord (Bloomberg Information 5/25/sixteen), for mishandling mortgage papers and fraudulently endorsing legal papers used in foreclosures, paid to the Federal Housing Administration (left customers homeless).

    Moreover, many homeowners who would have been eligible for a home equity mortgage to finance larger initiatives a number of years in the past now not are: property values have plummeted, and banks have tightened their residence improvement mortgage restrictions.

    Eliminating your costly, dwelling enchancment loan, cellphone and replacing it with a prepaid plan, residence enchancment mortgage, will release fairly a bit of additional money and scale back your monthly expenses.

    Wells Fargo fined $eighty one.6 Million, for violating federal chapter guidelines (HOUSINGWIRE 11/05/15) for failing to inform bankrupt homeowners of elevated mortgage payments (1000’s pressured out of their homes).

    This is to notify the you that we are presently offering mortgage to those who are in need of a loan, We offer mortgage at a low price 0f three% and with no credit score test.

    You can get yourself a home improvement loan even you probably have arrears, county court docket judgments (CCJS), bankruptcies to your credit score.

    Financial institution Lenders in California are typically more inventive and subsequently provide wonderful packages to these in search of to personal in California.…

  • Determining the Best Type of Fastener to Use For Outdoor Furniture Construction

    If you want to learn about selecting hardware for your next outdoor furniture project, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically, I’ll be telling you about what type of hardware will perform best, why the type of metal used for fasteners and the finish used are important considerations, and how properly protecting or limiting exposure of your furniture to wet and winter conditions can increase life span. After you’re done with this article you will understand that the best choice of hardware for your outdoor furniture project is dependent on furniture style, material used for construction, selected location for the furniture and budget.

    Selecting proper hardware for your furniture will help ensure a long life span, as well as improve the overall appearance of your furniture. Part of the problem is knowing what hardware to select when there are so many options available at the hardware store. The typical Lowes or Home Depot carries a huge selection of stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized, bright galvanized, plain steel, coated steel and brass bolts, nuts, washers and screws. Each type of fastener is suitable for certain applications, but not all are ideal for outdoor furniture applications. 

    In fact, choosing the wrong fasteners can greatly shorten the lifespan of your furniture, contribute to rot of wood furniture, cause unsightly staining, and even make your furniture unsafe to use. 

    One thing that needs to be noted right up front is, do not ever use unprotected steel fasteners for outdoor furniture, They will rust very quickly, and the steel will react with the tannic acid in the wood causing streaks and staining. The tannic acid actually speeds up the corrosion of the fasteners. Have you ever seen a wooden fence with black streaks running down the boards from the nails? This fence was installed with the wrong type of fasteners. The same thing will happen to your furniture. Even worse, as the fasteners rust, they will speed up the decay process of the wood around the rusted fasteners, ruining your furniture and making it potentially unsafe to use.

    Hot Dipped Galvanized

    Screws and bolts treated by hot dipped galvanizing are specifically designed for use outdoors. Electroplated galvanized or bright galvanized fasteners ultimately will not hold up as well as the hot dipped galvanized hardware. Zinc is used as a coating in both methods, and acts as a barrier against the elements and the tannic acids in the wood. 

    I strongly recommend only using screws or bolts in the construction of outdoor furniture, however. The galvanized finish on nails, either electroplated or hot dipped, can easily become damaged while hammering them in, exposing the nail head to the elements and allowing them to begin rusting quickly. 

    Adequate care must be taken when installing galvanized screws. Drill pilot holes in hardwoods, and be sure to use a bit that is not worn and susceptible to skipping in the screw head. For whatever reason, the galvanized screws seem to not be as well tempered as other steel fasteners, and are more likely to either snap off or have the heads strip out while installing them. Due to the allowance required for the hot dipped coating, galvanized bolts do not have as tight of tolerance on the threads, and are more likely to strip if over tightened.

    Hot dipped galvanized fasteners are a fine choice for many outdoor furniture applications, including Adirondack Chairs, but are not the best choice for use in woods, such as teak.

    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel is the best choice for use in woods with higher levels of tannic acid, such as teak. Stainless steel is an alloy or blend of steel, nickel and chrome. The ratio of the other metals with the steel determine the weather and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Because the steel is mixed with other softer metals, the stainless steel is not as strong, so predrilling of screw holes is highly recommended in all applications, and essential in hardwoods such as teak and mahogany. The added corrosion resistance more than outweighs any shortcomings that the metal may have, especially in outdoor furniture applications. 

    While stainless steel fasteners are the most rust resistant, they are also the most expensive of the options we are discussing. However, using stainless steel fasteners will add years of life to your furniture. In the respect, they are an investment that will pay out for years to come.


    I have seen brass used in some commercially produced outdoor furniture, but do not recommend it. While brass does not form red rust, and is well suited for many wet applications such as toilets and sinks, it does tarnish and corrode. It is also very susceptible to the tannic acids in wood, which will cause it to fail more quickly. Brass screws in particular do not have sufficient strength for outdoor furniture applications.

    Outdoor or deck screws…

  • How To Promote To Menards Shops Producer Gross sales Representative

    menards home improvement centerROY SYKES / JOURNAL Heavy equipment rumbles via the construction web site for a new Menards house enchancment retailer in St. Peters. Menards just lately responded to comments from village employees made a couple of 12 months ago, and a second overview of constructing permits is in progress.

    He noted that while the store is unique for what it gives, there’s extra to Menards as properly.menards home improvement website

    Menards managers should signal agreements in which they consent to being personally penalized for things that go improper.

    The NLRB let Menards off the hook for its 60 p.c pay reduction for managers coverage, which was quietly stricken from the handbook when media first reported on it final yr.

    HD and Menards can easily coexist, and the savvy shopper will reap the benefits of taking part in one off the other.

    A household-owned firm began in 1958, Menards is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has 300 house enchancment stores positioned in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

    Menards is thought throughout the house enchancment business as the low price chief; it’s no surprise their well-known slogan – SAVE LARGE MONEY” – is so extensively recognized and simple to remember.

    Although the Menards course manual obtained by AlterNet doesn’t inform employees to vote a certain means, it’s critical of government takeovers of complete industries like well being care,” in addition to high taxation, cites former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and claims that more 18-34 year olds consider in UFOs than Social Security.

    With dwelling enchancment at the forefront of at this time’s do-it-your self market, Menards® supplies a helpful useful resource for the complete group.

    Menards may be very reasonably priced, particularly on Menards brand goods – master drive, software shop (gross), mastercraft, crest line, etc.…

  • 10 Secrets to Get a $30,000 Kitchen For Under $3,000

    You see it all the time on TV. People spend outrageous amounts of money to get new kitchens. You can get a new kitchen for a lot less money than your TV would lead you to believe.

    I once owned a lovely Cape Cod house with an 80’s style melamine and oak strip kitchen. When we decided to sell to start a new business, potential buyers all hated that kitchen. We didn’t get a single offer. We had no choice but to take the house off the market and fix the kitchen. If you think you might need to resell an attractive kitchen is important. But more importantly it’s nice for any homeowner to have a kitchen they love.

    We asked the pros what it would cost to reface our kitchen. They estimated it would cost $20,000 to $30,000. And hiring “pros is not without risk. They may or may not do an adequate job. We did our first DIY attempts because of bad experiences with “experts” who didn’t deliver.

    So we decided to do it ourselves…again.

    We did it for $1,200.

    Yes we saved at least $18,800 bucks, maybe more.

    You can do it, too. Here’s how.

    Do it one step at a time.

    1. Your first step involves making decisions about the layout of your kitchen. If it is reasonably functional keep the sinks and appliances in their current positions. We did not move anything in our kitchen and saved lots of money.

    2. Next keep your cabinet boxes if possible. This is a “green” issue as well as a price issue. Cabinets cost a lot of money and should never end up in a landfill. If you do not plan to reuse your cabinets at least donate them to a local charity like Habitat for Humanity or Good Will.

    3. Check out home stores for good buys in cabinetry or rejects from manufacturers and cabinetmakers.

    4. You can keep the boxes and just get new doors for a new look without some of the cost. I had a cabinetmaker make me paneled doors out of MDF and spray painted them cream. They did wonders for my kitchen and made my house sellable at the same time.

    5. Make sure the style of your kitchen matches the exterior style of your house. This is important. My house did not sell because the house was very traditional and the kitchen was 80’s modern. People who liked the house hated that kitchen. The house did not sell because of it.

    6. Check out appliances that have a few dents or are lightly used. You can find good serviceable things if you can’t afford new and perfect. Also look for in stock appliances that are on sale. Stores that keep inventory sometimes have sales. Paying cash might give you an edge for bargaining for better prices, too. Sometimes the only barrier between you and a better price is just asking. Have the gall to ask.

    7. Consider using lower cost options for counter tops and floors. Butcher block or bamboo is way cheaper than granite and beautiful and functional. Ceramic tile is both functional and attractive and a good value, too. I’m going for solid surface with recycled glass for my next trick.

    8. Look for used furniture that can be incorporated into your kitchen. An old buffet might make a great island. An old armoire could be a pantry. Get creative. You might get a really unique, furniture style kitchen for a lot less money.

    9. Don’t demolish the old until you have the new on site. Your job will go a lot faster. Keep your old kitchen until you have everything you need to make the new one. We installed our whole new kitchen in one weekend (2 days).

    10. Meet code. Building codes exist to make buildings safe. You can download this data from your local government.

    All our work was worth it. When we put our house up for sale again we advertised it in the local paper one weekend. It sold to the first lookers for the asking price and without a realtor.

    We are making plans to put a “new” kitchen into our current home reusing the existing cabinets, replacing worn out appliances and moving the kitchen to another location in the house. It will not cost a lot of money. I’m too cheap to pay the pros and I’m not changing.

    Source by Paula Stone