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What You Need to Know About Small Space Gardening While many of us think that we need to have a great deal of land to have a vegetable garden, the truth is that small space gardening actually allows almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of fresh garden vegetables. Because of the most recent technological advances in aquaponic and hydroponic gardening solutions, you can have a great garden despite your current spatial limitations. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful vegetable garden no matter where you are currently living. There are numerous advantages to creating a small space vegetable garden in your home or on your patio. Many people want to enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables but do not have the space in their yards or the time to tend to a full size garden. The main advantage of a small space garden is that they take up very little space and take a lot less time to cultivate. A small space garden is also a lot less expensive to cultivate, requiring much less in tools and materials to cultivate. Since they require a lot less in terms of fertilizer, water and gardening tools, the truth is that easy gardens represent a much more cost effective way to get your vegetables. For those of us who want to take up small space gardening, there are several different types of small space gardening solutions available. Of all of the easy vegetable garden solutions available to you, the easiest are vertical gardens, hydroponic gardens and aquaponic gardens. Vertical or hanging gardens are plants that are grown in special hanging or vertically built planters designed to save space. This is ideal for indoor gardens and those of us who living in apartment without decks and patios.
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Hydroponic and aquaponic agriculture requires a little more space, but nowhere near as much as a traditional garden. Hydroponic and aquaponic systems are similar in that they both grow plants without the use of soil. In aquaponics, however, fish live in the closed system of water, the same in which the plants grow, and the fish waste actually fertilizes the plants as they grow.
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Small space gardening solutions continue to increase in popularity every year. When you use small space gardening solutions in your home, like hydroponic gardening or aquaponic gardening, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a full sized garden without all of the time and hard work. To find out more about vertical gardening, hydroponics and aquaponics, all you have to do is perform a search engine search for small space gardening solutions. By visiting a small space gardening website you will be able to find tips and advice about starting and maintaining a small space garden in your spare time.