• 5 Makeshift Furniture Pieces For Your College Apartment

    Do you need some cheap furniture to create a living space in your college dwelling?  Here are 5 creative pieces of furniture you can make cheaply and sometimes free. These furniture alternatives are super easy to install, versatile, and great for breaking down, transporting, and re-using!

    The file cabinet & door desk

    Most important, is the desk. You will be spending copious amounts of time hunched over your desk studying and doing homework. It should be a big, sturdy piece of furniture to stack loads of books on. The cheapest way to achieve this is the filing cabinet & door desk.  It’s simple: Get two filing cabinets and a door from Home Depot or Lowes. Stack the door on top of the filing cabinets and presto, you have spacious desk!

    Estimated cost:

    $ 20 for an unfinished door

    $ 50 for two file cabinets

    The exercise ball computer chair

    You can’t have a desk without a chair. An exercise ball is not only very affordable; it may be the most comfortable computer chair that you have ever owned -especially for your back. Forcing you to balance and engage your abdominals, an exercise ball is ergonomically correct for your body. Just make sure you get the right size (the size recommendation is on the box and usually goes by your height). Exercise balls are also a great way to multi-task. When not used for a chair, they are excellent for body toning and conditioning.

    Estimated cost:

    $15 for one exercise ball

    The milk crate bed frame

    Make sure you get commercial strength milk crates. Don’t rely on cheap retail imitations. You can order them online for relatively cheap. If you can get them at grocery stores for free -even better! All you need is one mattress. Simply align the milk crates on the ground and slap the mattress on top. The milk crates make it easy to store stuff under your bed. They are also very versatile. If you decide to get another type of bed, you can always use the milk crates for other furniture like side tables or book shelves. They are also great for moving!

    Estimated cost:

    $ Free! (or relatively cheap)

    The cinder block book case

    Cinder blocks and slats of wood are cheap and easy to come by. One trip to a hardware store will provide you with the two things you will need to create this trusty old piece of furniture. The amount of cinder blocks and slats of wood to get depend on how large you want your bookcase. For a bookcase with three shelves, 6 cinder blocks and 3 pieces of wood will do the trick. Simply layer the wood on top of 2 cinder blocks at a time.  

    Estimated cost:  (depends on the size)

    3 Slats of wood: $ 15

    6 cinder blocks:  $12

    The trunk coffee table

    An old trunk has lots of character. Not only does it make a vintage, eclectic piece to add to your apartment, it is also practical. Store blankets and other items you are no using inside. If you have an old trunk sitting around, perfect! But even if you have to buy one, they are not that hard to find. Keep your eyes open in thrift stores, or grandma’s closet. Old tea crates also make nice coffee tables. But they are increasingly hard to find.

    Estimated cost:

    $ Free! (or thrift-store prices)


    Source by A. J. Lentini

  • How to Install a Faux Beam Around An Existing Ridge Ceiling Beam

    Most homeowners have a room in their house that they’d like to upgrade but simply don’t know what to do. The most commonly remodeled rooms are the ones where the most time is spent: the kitchen and the living room. In homes that have an “open” floor plan where the living and kitchen run together to form one Great Room, there is usually a plain, lifeless glulam or cedar/fir ridge beam that spans the entire room along the ridge of the vaulted ceiling. Since the beam is structural, it cannot be removed… so what can be done? There is a product that exists that referred to as “faux beams”. These faux beams are made of polyurethane (think a dense foam, about the rigidity of pine) that are U-shaped, so the interior channel can easily slip over an existing cedar beam. Below are 5 easy steps to wrap a wood beam with faux wood beams:

    1. Measure the existing beam. Make sure that the INTERIOR dimensions for the polyurethane faux beam will accommodate the existing wood beam.

    2. Build out the existing beam every few feet to ensure the faux beam fits tightly, if necessary (In many cases the faux beam will not wrap the existing beam perfectly, so it is common to add small wood strips/shims. Secure with mechanical fasteners).

    3. Add adhesive to the rim of the beam. PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is recommended and available at any big box retailer (NOTE: This step is optional. The faux wood beams are so light that adhesive is not necessary. Plus if you bump the ceiling during the install you’ll have to wipe/scrape/sand it off… not that a handyman like yourself would ever do such a thing).

    4. Slide the faux beam over the existing ceiling beam and nail/screw into the wood strips/shims you added in step 2. A finish nail is strong enough to hold, though you can countersink a wood screw as well. I would also recommend you having someone take a photo of you raising the beam. In reality the faux beams weight 1-2lbs per foot, but in a photo you will look like Hercules!

    5. Putty nail/screw holes. Use a wood colored putty or for small brad nail heads, some people just use a black sharpie to dot the heads.

    If all of the tools are ready, the entire install process from beginning to end should take 1-2 hours. Once you’re done you will have a beautiful new addition to your room.

    Source by Benito Santiago

  • What Are the Best Paint Colors For Hospital Walls?

    There’s hardly a secret anymore that human behavior is highly influenced by colors. Scientific studies have proven that our emotions and mood are affected when surrounded by particular colors. Some cause us to be more aggressive, whereas others have a soothing effect on us. From psychologists to interior designers, everybody seems fascinated with the phenomenon.

    No wonder then that when it comes to paints, specialists are extremely careful to make the right choice. As their ideas come as colors do, in a wide variety, ultimately the only thing they have to consider is the appropriateness of their vision. For instance, a hospital room wouldn’t be painted in the same shades as a private residence’s living room. The patients would it find difficult to cope with some red painted walls instead of the usual white, green or blue ones.

    We all may have in contact, one way or another, with the imposing, intimidating places which are hospitals. Either as patients or visitors, we are most certainly overwhelmed by their presence. But, once inside, hospitals have this huge power of conveying a sensation of calm and peace. How do they manage to do that? It’s simple to find the answer by just taking a quick look at the walls and noticing the colors they are painted in.

    Hospital walls are usually covered in colors such as white, green and blue. There is an explanation behind these choices and it has to do with the psychological effects these colors have.

    White is the most common color to be seen on a hospital wall. And that is due to the peaceful and calm mood it provides. Other reason for choosing it is the fact that it denotes cleanness. It implies sterility, which has the effect of making patients feel reassured. This is also why doctors and nurses wear white uniforms.

    Blue and green are considered to be the most relaxing and refreshing colors, promoting peaceful atmosphere which encourages concentration. Designers, psychologists and feng-shui experts, they all tend to consider that shades of blues and greens make us fell calmer, more balanced and less emotional. Because green has a calming effect on our nerves, hospital waiting rooms and even psychiatric wards are painted in this color. And surgeons wear green scrubs for the same reason. As for blue, it has often been noticed that children in pain are put in hospital rooms painted in light blue due to its healing effect it conveys.

    When coming inside a hospital, the general atmosphere must make us feel reassured and calm. Before knowing anything about the staff’s professionalism, our worried look will check for visible signs that we will be well taken for. And the hospital’s walls, either white, green or blue, are our first impression.

    Source by Paul James Harrison

  • Glass Block Crafts – How to Make Gifts and Keepsakes They're Love!

    One of the newest trends in do-it-yourself gifts is glass block crafts.

    Advantages include that glass blocks are readily available at your local home improvement and craft stores, they're inexpensive, and anyone can do it!

    What Can You Make With Glass Blocks?

    Of course, the only limitation is your imagination!

    Some popular glass block crafts ideas include making lighted holiday decorations, centerpieces and nightlights, both fresh and silk flower arrangements, coin banks, lamps, knife holders, decoratively etched display pieces, picture "frames" and more.

    Glass block crafts are great because the blocks themselves are heavy and quite stable, so they are hard to knock over. They can be filled with sand or marbles, coins or even water with fresh flowers. They are well-sealed, so they do not leak.

    Where Do You Get the Blocks for Crafts?

    Any home improvement store will carry glass barriers, and they are typically cheaper there than at the craft stores. Block prices range from about $ 3 to as much as $ 10, depending upon size and style of the glass.

    Glass blocks can be clear, or they can come in a wide variety of frosted or decorative glass styles. One style is where the glass has little circles on it, or stripes, or unique varying patterns.

    Blocks can be as small as 4 inches by 8 inches, or as large as 12 inches by 12 inches. You can find glass blocks that are 3 or 4 inches thick, depending upon your preference.

    One disadvantage to home improvement store blocks is that if you are intending to fill the blocks in any way, you will need to drill a hole in the block yourself with a glass drill bit. This is something that anyone can do, but it does require a little care. Use a 5/8 inch glass bit, and drill slowly so as not to crack the block. Make sure to wear eye protection.

    You can also choose to buy your blocks at a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. They will be more expensive at a craft store, but in most cases the barriers will come pre-drilled with either a one inch hole, or a 4 or 5 inch pre-cut rectangular slot on top.

    Blocks from the craft store will range in price from about $ 8 to as much as $ 15.

    Some Glass Block Crafts Ideas

    Table Centerpiece . One idea for a party or shower centerpiece is to fill a glass block with holiday lights, either clear, white or colored. Try to choose a white cord for your lights since they are less likely to be noticeable.

    Stuff a 20-light chain into your glass block. Leave the cord outside the block so it can be plugged in. You may choose to apply a vinyl message like "Fun!", "Party," "Enjoy!", "New Baby!", Etc., on the outside of the block. Window clings work well also.

    Wrap the block with a colorful ribbon and tie the top or side with a large bow. You can use this as a table centerpiece or mantel decoration. It looks very festive when the lights are on, and even more so when there are several blocks of varying sizes!

    Snowman . Choose 2 or 3 blocks of increasing size, one for each ball of the snowman.

    If you choose to paint your blocks, do so before you start to assemble your snowman. You can ask at your local craft store for the appropriate type of paint for glass. Allow the blocks to dry for 24 hours before assembling.

    Fill the blocks with clear lights, about 20 lights per block. You may choose to use a longer (50 lights or more) single string in order to make your project simpler. You may need to drill additional holes in the bottom of the blocks to allow the strings to go from top to bottom of your snowman.

    Adhere your blocks together with glue at the top and bottom raised edges of the blocks. You can use silicone adhesive, or any glue that is designed for glass.

    Decorate the snowman with buttons for his eyes and mouth. Glue twigs to the blocks at the seams for his arms, and add a carrot decoration or other piece for his nose. Some people will add a small hat or scarf, your preference.

    Wedding or Shower Gift . This glass block crafts idea uses no lights.

    Take a photograph of your choice that is slightly smaller than the glass block you're using.

    Cut a piece of adhesive, colored vinyl (craft store item) that is slightly larger than your block. Center your photo over the top of the vinyl so that it will form a border around your photo. The photo will stick to the vinyl.

    Place the bordered photo against the outside back …

  • How to Seduce a Woman Without Touching Her? (Top 6 New Excellent Tips)

    If you want to seduce a woman without touching her then you have to introduce her into the adult world. You have to ignite the flames of her sexuality and arouse her emotions.


    The vast majority of women are not very easy. Indeed, they are very complicated creatures. For example, when a man enters into a room, he only looks for the chair in order to sit. On the other hand, when a woman enters into a room, she notices multiple things in a single glance. She notices the background, placement and surrounding before deciding her chair. Some women even notice that whether their dress is suiting with the background or not.

    This demonstrates that a woman is utterly different from a man. She notices things in extreme details. That’s why, in order to seduce a woman without touching her, you also need to notice things in details.

    Here I am giving you few splendid tips which will definitely help you to seduce a woman without touching her.


    One of the first things you need to realize is that you embody your status to the world through your voice. It is extremely important for you to enhance the power of your voice in order to seduce a woman without touching her.

    “Never raise your voice at the end of your sentence while talking.” Make your voice low at the end of sentences. When you end sentences smoothly, you automatically project your authority and lead her mental state with your dominance. This is the secret of detectives which makes girls shiver. In addition, vampires also speak like detectives and end their sentences on low voice. That’s why; vampires are extremely seductive for women.


    There is no doubt that anklets keep a woman erotic throughout the day. Gift her anklets in order to arouse her sexual emotions for you. Anklets won’t only keep her erotic but also make her think about you all day. Anklets are one of the best ways to seduce a woman without touching her.


    Red color biologically appeals almost everyone. A woman feels immensely energetic after wearing red color dress because it is a color of love.

    For arousing her sexual feelings, order your woman to wear a red color dress. You can gift her some red color lingerie or bikini. Even the most prudish woman can be seduced rather easily with some red color dress/gift because red color stimulates the sexual feelings of a woman and transforms her into a seductive lady.


    It becomes easier to seduce a woman when you act like a handyman. Most of men rely on others instead of taking actions with their own hands. They become unable to do their own integral things. Therefore, women often avoid being with them.

    On the other hand, a handyman creates sexual energy because of his action taking habit. He fixes something at his home, washes his car, cooks special dishes, mows the lawn and makes coffee etc. He loves taking action, he projects his masculinity. A woman feels positive sexual energy in the presence of a handyman.


    One way to seduce a woman without touching her is to dominate her mind. Women have been attracted to men that dominate their mind, make them laugh and share interesting stories. If you desire to dominate a woman’s mind utterly then you should learn the art of storytelling.


    In order to arouse sexual feelings of a woman, make her laugh with your stories, stimulate her mind with curiosity and stay original. When you make a girl laugh while keeping the curiosity alive through your stories, you easily arouse her sexual feelings for you.

    Remember, you would put yourself into her friend category without generating curiosity. Curiosity is essential for keeping the women on their toes all the time.

    Boys make women laugh. On the other hand, adults arouse the sexual feelings of women with curiosity and fun. Adults are the actual sexual men for women.


    A woman can immediately recognize your body language. Most of the advices preach about basic body language but a woman notices you in great detail. It is very tough for an average man to hide his actual persona and project seductive body language.

    If you want to seduce a woman with your seductive body language then here I am giving you few tips which will help you a lot entire life.

    • Never nod your head rapidly. It is a sign of eagerness and impatience. You …

  • Are You a Good Employee? The Top Five Ways to Improve Job Performance

    In spite of improvements in the economy, the American job market remains tighter than ever. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15 million Americans remain unemployed as of May, 2010. Among teens and young adults the unemployment rate is much higher, nearly three times greater than the rest of the workforce. There are also signs that the unemployment rate may surge by the end of the year. Faced with such grim statistics, the focus for many of us has been finding and nailing that all-important job interview, but anyone with experience in the job market knows that the real challenge begins after getting hired.

    That’s right, the need to market yourself to an employer doesn’t end once you’ve filled out the W-2 form. Businesses are watching their workers more closely than ever before, and being a good employee these days isn’t just about striving for a raise or a promotion — it’s about protecting your job security and your future. So what can you do to secure your position and ensure your success once you get hired? Become a great employee! Below are the top five qualities many companies are looking for in their employees along with ways you can improve your job performance.

    #5 Wear Appropriate Attire

    Appearance matters and the interview isn’t the only time you need to look good for an employer. Don’t just follow your company’s dress code policy; make an effort to look your best every day on the job.

    One of the easiest ways to improve job performance begins before work — personal appearance and hygiene can speak volumes about one’s character, and employers know it. Most job seekers are aware that it’s important to dress professionally for an interview, but landing a job does not give you license to stop showering or to start wearing sweatpants to work. Your employer is expecting you to act as professionally on the job as you did during the hiring process, and looking like you just rolled out of bed on your first day will have him or her wondering if hiring you was a mistake.

    Dress conservatively and always be well groomed, even if your company has an informal dress code.

    Cathy Ward, a business owner since the 1990s, maintains a relaxed dress code at her ecommerce company, but says even businesses with a casual atmosphere still expect a certain degree of professionalism in their employees’ attire.

    “Yes, we are a laid back place to work,” Ward says. “That doesn’t mean you can come in dressed like you’re out on a Friday night excursion. That shows us you don’t care about your job and that you can’t make appropriate decisions about important matters.”

    You may not need to wear a suit to work, but you do need to carefully follow your employer’s dress code. Being a good employee means never testing your company’s limits and trying to see what you can “get away with.” Your clothing should always be clean, free from wrinkles, and conservative.

    A slovenly appearance can cost you your job.

    Many businesses factor attire and appearance into employee reviews, and those outfits you threw together from clothes heaped in the laundry basket can cost you a raise, a promotion, or even your future with the company.

    #4 Be on Time

    This is one of the simplest and easiest requirements of any job, yet it remains one of the biggest headaches faced by employers. Arrive at work at least five minutes early each day and be ready to start working the moment you punch in.

    Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning? Before you hit the snooze button you may want to ask yourself if your future is worth that extra five minutes of sleep. Punctuality remains one of the great unresolved problems of many employers, and the crackdown has already begun.

    Over the past decade some of the biggest companies in America have started implementing strict or even zero tolerance attendance policies aimed at problem employees, many of which are monitored electronically. Your boss may not notice that you’ve been sneaking in a few minutes late each day, but the company’s computer does, and your tardiness can put your position in jeopardy.

    Your attendance affects everyone around you and your company’s bottom line.

    A zero tolerance policy may seem a bit harsh, but being late to work has a real economic impact on businesses struggling to remain profitable in a tight economy. Your attendance affects not just your own work but the performance of your coworkers and your company’s ability to do business. Those few minutes every day add up, and the time and productivity lost from all those late starts represents a major expense. Your employer is fully aware that if you aren’t willing to be …

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Loan Application

    Getting a loan from the bank or other institutions can take a while before you get an approval. If you are in need of fast cash, then you may take into consideration getting an online loan application. You will no longer need to wait for a week or a month’s time to get an approval for your needed loan.

    It may feel like an online loan is such a great way to have money fast. However, together with the many advantages, it also has its downsides. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of an online loan?


    Let us first look at the benefits that you can enjoy when getting this type of loan.

    1. Easy approval – Compared to other types of loan, it is much easier to get an approval. Online lenders often have low criteria which you can easily meet in order to get an approval. This can include having a stable source of income, a bank account and being of legal age.

    Even if you have bad credit, there are online lenders that offer online loan services that are tailored for your needs. If you apply for a loan from the bank with a negative credit rating, your application will most likely end up rejected.

    2. Less hassle – The tiring part when applying for a loan from banks and other institutions are the paper works that you have to submit and fax to them. You will need to submit the right credentials in order to get a loan approval. However, when you apply for an online loan, you don’t have to undergo the same tiring tasks. You will only need to fill up an online form and you’re done.

    You no longer have to wait in line or travel personally to the bank or other institutions in order to apply for the loan. This saves you both time and energy, as you can do it comfortably in your own home with your computer.


    Although there are a lot of advantages that may make an online loan application very attractive, it also has its downsides.

    1. High fees and interest rates – Professionals would advise you not to get this loan, unless the need is urgent. Online loans have higher interest rates and fees, compared to normal loans.

    Aside from the high interest rates and fees that you have to pay as you apply for the online. You will also have to pay a fee if you are late in your payment. Most late repayment fees that are charged by online lenders are quite great that they can reach up to double or triple the amount that you have borrowed.

    2. Short repayment course – Normal loans from banks and other institutions can give you a repayment plan that divides your debt payment in a long span of time. Repayment can be done within the span of a year or two when getting a normal loan. An online loan however, requires you to settle your debt within a shorter span of time. it can be within two weeks or a couple of months.

    3. Vague terms and condition statement – In some loan services, there may be certain terms and conditions that place you in a high risk situation. This is often intentionally hidden or made unclear, since they don’t want you to know about it.

    Although useful, there are things that you need to take into consideration before getting an online loan application. You should always weigh the pros and cons before deciding on anything.

    Source by Willie Rhoades